LPM20, LPM40, LPM60


Don't forget these...

Lumen Power LPM 20, 40, 60 is our Revolutionary Compact, dimmable, low profile magnetic LED Drivers on the market. The transformer core and special low drop voltage rectifier are designed to lower losses and make the ML series very efficient, energy saving with low temperature rise. All the ML drivers have primary and secondary self-reset thermal circuit breakers, could be fully loaded, has excelled load regulation, input and output are lead wires.


Wattage 20 Watts, 40 Watts , 60 Watts
Input Power: 12 V DC or 24 V DC

5 years
– Dimmable with any MLV, CL Dimmer, as long as dimmers min. load is covered
– Temperature class (130°C)
– Input leads are 18 AWG 600V
– Leads max. operational temperature is 105°C
– The actual transformers is encapsulated in enclosure.
– The enclosure is black powder coated steel, NEMA


✓ Dimmable
✓ UL Approved
✓ Protection Overload
✓ Indoor/Outdoor rated
✓ Smooth Dimming


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